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Sunday, January 10, 2010

WHAT IS THIS STUFF FALLING FROM THE SKY? The David Icke Newsletter, January 10th, 2010


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The David Icke Newsletter, January 10th, 2010 ..




..Chewing gum? No, it's not...

..Hello all ... ..

..It is amazing what we miss as we go through our daily
lives. Only a fraction of the information that enters the brain
registers with what we call the conscious mind.

..Most it stays in the realm of the subconscious - the
subliminal or 'below threshold'. It's there, but we don't see it.
Advertisements are full of subliminal images and messages aimed at the
subconscious mind and that's particularly true of political advertising.

..The idea is to plant a thought or belief in the
subconscious that eventually filters through to the conscious as what
people believe are their own thoughts and views. There is so much going
on around us that we never see or acknowledge.

..This really hit home to me over Christmas and New
Year when I was chatting with my friend, the healer and health and
science researcher, Mike Lambert. I had heard stories for a few months
about aircraft flying low in middle of the night over the town where I
live, Ryde on the Isle of Wight.

..I would hear people say 'the planes were out again
last night' and such like. Of course, it was obvious they were spraying
or dropping something that was not good for the health of people,
because that is going on all over the world. But what?

..Over the holiday period Mike Lambert said he knew
what was being dropped and he took me, and my artist friend, Neil
Hague, on a walk across the town following what was clearly the flight
path of the aircraft. It passed virtually over my house and his.

..Mike knew the flight path because he was following
the trail of what looked like, at first sight, thousands of pieces of
chewing gum on the pavements and paths. It was clear in a moment that
this was not chewing gum by the sheer volume of it everywhere we walked.


..I don't walk through the town very much, certainly
not in the last year when I have been locked away in my little office
for all of most days writing another book. But I had been through the
town enough times to have seen it, yet I never did. Once it was
released from my subconscious by Mike pointing it out, I could see it

..Linda came round from the office that day and I told
her what happened. When she got back to the office she rang me to say:
'It's everywhere'. My goodness, what is around us that we all miss.

..At one spot, the 'gum' was in a virtually straight
line, then scattered where it struck tree branches, before returning to
a straight line.


..Mike Lambert said that he first came across the 'gum'
20 years ago when he was a professional health investigator and his
interest was renewed when he began to see it all over Ryde.

..His view is that the 'gum' is a carrier vehicle for
viruses or poisons aimed at the population and his guess is that the
origin is somewhere like the biological weapons research establishment
at Porton Down, near Salisbury in Wiltshire, home to the Defence
Science and Technology Laboratory, an agency of the Ministry of Defence. This is a very sinister place indeed.


..Porton Down is engaged in developing all sorts of
biological warfare agents and has been doing so for nearly 100 years.
It was opened in 1916 as the Royal Engineers Experimental Station to
develop chemical weapons such as chlorine, phosgene and mustard gas
used by the British in the First World War.

..It is a law unto itself and Bruce George, then Chairman of the House of Commons Defence Select Committee, told the BBC in 1999: ..

..'I would not say that the Defence Committee is
micro-managing ... Porton Down. We visit it, but, with eleven members
of Parliament and five staff covering a labyrinthine department like
the Ministry of Defence and the Armed Forces, it would be quite
erroneous of me and misleading for me to say that we know everything
that's going on in Porton Down.

..It's too big for us to know, and secondly, there
are many things happening there that I'm not even certain Ministers are
fully aware of, let alone Parliamentarian..s.'

..The truth is that the come-and-go politicians are not
running Britain, as they are not running the United States and
elsewhere. The real power is with the military-..intelligence agency
nexus that is the constant force no matter who is in theoretical
'power' in Downing Street or the White House.

..Mike Lambert sent samples of the 'gum' for laboratory
analysis, but he was told that they would have to be sent on to a more
sophisticated laboratory to establish the identity of the 'gum' and its
contents. We await the results on that, delayed by the extreme weather
we are having in the UK, but a scientist at the first laboratory did
say that it appeared to be some kind of latex material and in her view
it was probably carrying a pesticide-type substance or 'of that family'.


..The Isle of Wight, and islands in general, are often
used for military biological experiments because they have a
self-contained population that is easily observable. These
'experiments' are far more common than people realise and those that
come to light from time to time, decades after they happened, are a
fraction of what goes on.
Click here for just a few examples in America alone .....

..But what we are seeing now is not just
'..experimentation..', it is the real deal - a concerted attack on the
human body-mind, especially the immune system, through chemical
additives in food and drink, not least the water supply; from vaccines
and pharmaceutical drugs; from electromagnetic.. and microwave pollution;
and from chemtrails and other poisons dropped from the sky.


..I have no doubt that, as the story of the Ryde 'gum'
circulates, people will see the same in their own towns and cities.
This is by no means confined to the Isle of Wight or even the United
Kingdom. Any more information would be very welcome.

..It has been a strange, but extremely interesting few
weeks for me all round, really. I have now finished my new book and it
has gone to the production stage. It includes staggering information
about the way we are being manipulated 24/7 that will take forward in a
giant leap our understanding of the conspiracy and the nature of the
reality we are experiencing.

..I know that the 'authorities' can monitor every word
I type on this computer through a range of software and other
technologies that go under the heading of 'keystroke programmes'. It is
also the way that passwords and other security keys can be accessed by
these deeply sad people who would be so much happier if only they got a

..Say, did you see that chaps? Deeply sad people who need to get a life. Are you there? No? Let's try this then ... bomb-making equipment. Oops, yep, I think he just woke up...


..Anyway, when I began to uncover this amazing
information and compile it on this computer for the book I suddenly
became aware of a massive electromagnetic.. bombardment of my flat. This
happened every night and it is still happening.

..It is not only that I feel it, I can see it; and I
became aware after days of experience that it always stopped when the
Sun came up and light entered the bedroom.

..Every night takes the same sequence. I go to bed and
everything is fine and then I start to feel a pounding, like a
resonance, on the top of my head, just forward from the centre.

..When I sleep in this state I have incredibly vivid
dreams - which would happen within a powerful electromagnetic.. field.
Each time I wake up from these dreams I immediately look around the
bedroom to see metallic-like resonating fields of energy. Often they
take the form of a sort of electro-..metallic 'spider' shape, which in
more recent days has become jet black.

..There are also orangey-..coloured balls of energy that look just like diagrams you see of the inside of an atom in science books...


..Some of the balls of energy look like this, but with far more of the circular lines...

..One night the bombardment in the bedroom was such
that I got up and lay on the sofa in the lounge. I went into another
vivid dream and when I woke up there was a very large field of energy
with a spider-like centre that was spinning extremely fast. It looked
just like a Catherine wheel firework, except that there was no colour,
only energy.

..I watched it for a few moments and then got up and walked towards it, but as I moved close it dispersed...


..The spinning energy field looked very much like this, except that the centre appeared to be spider-like and there was no colour...

..Funnily enough, I was chatting on the phone with the
Zulu shaman, Credo Mutwa, the other day and when I described what was
going on he said: 'My, God, that is happening to me'.

..Another friend of mine, the incredibly-..gifted British
psychic, Carol Clarke, has an extraordinary record of accuracy with me
over more than a decade. She said that part of what was going on was an
attempt to give me cancer.

..That makes sense because cancer is, like everything
else, a specific frequency and if they can get someone to resonate to
that frequency - bingo. It is also the case that many people who have
challenged the conspiracy over the years, or had information that was a
threat to the Control System, have developed cancers, often

..People ask why they don't just directly kill their
targets. Well sometimes they do, but it is far 'cleaner' from their
point of view for people to die of 'natural causes' rather than
becoming 'martyrs' that give credibility to the existence of the
conspiracy. Cancer and heart attacks are their speciality.

..Well, if that's what they are aiming to do to me, I
am going to disappoint them, hard cheese and all that. I'll let my
gorilla friend speak for me ...


..What is for sure is that my rheumatoid arthritis has
suddenly become dramatically worse since the nightly bombardment began
and I finished the book with a body incapable of virtually anything
except using two fingers (..appropriately) to tap these keys.

..My hands are shot at the moment and simple things
like putting on a T-shirt or coat, and especially socks, are agony. I
have been in daily pain for nearly 40 years and, as a result, I have a
very high pain threshold; but the pain at the moment is something else

..I talked to Mike Lambert about the attacks and their
effect and his medical and scientific knowledge explained so much about
what was happening. He said that powerful electromagnetic.. fields
trigger something called the cytokine gene to produce the chemical
substances, histamine and prostaglandins,.. which cause inflammation in
the joints. Given that literally all my joints are inflamed to start with, it obviously makes it a whole lot worse.

..He said that inflammation diseases and conditions
have become an epidemic and this must be connected to the
electromagnetic.. and microwave 'soup' that we now live in.

..Mike also explained why the attacks stop when the Sun
comes up. He said that people can be targeted from satellite and other
technology and have energetic 'blueprints' embedded in their energy

..These blueprints, he said, can be activated by melatonin which is produced by the 'third eye' pineal gland in the brain and regulates sleep rhythms. Now, when is melatonin produced? When it is dark or semi-dark. An Internet article says: ..

..'Production of melatonin by the pineal gland is
inhibited by light and permitted by darkness. For this reason melatonin
has been called “the hormone of darkness” and its onset each evening is
called the Dim-Light Melatonin Onset.'


..So when it is dark the melatonin triggers the
electromagnetic.. effects that I am experiencing from the embedded
'blueprint', but as soon as the Sun rises the production of melatonin
stops and therefore so do the attacks.

..I have been sleeping with the light on recently and
it certainly considerably lessens the effect, but it is important that
the body produces melatonin, so it is not a long-term answer,

..There is so much happening on an unseen level that
people don't even begin to appreciate and the new book reveals the
source of it all. A friend in America told me this week that she and
three members of her family had the same dream on the same night about
what a good guy Obama really is.

..She correctly explained this by some sort of
'artificial dream' broadcast across their area. This is done, once
again, by connecting with the pineal gland during the sleep state when
melatonin is being produced.

..The HAARP technology in Alaska and other parts of the
world is quite capable of doing this. It bounces radio waves off the
ionosphere, the uppermost level of the atmosphere, and back to
earth where they can be synchronised with the human psyche to appear as
dreams, perceptions and thoughts.

..I have experienced these fake dreams myself during
the electromagnetic.. attacks when I know that the vivid dreams are being
artificially induced. I just laugh at them, acknowledge that they are
induced and take no notice.

..It is certainly a funny life I have picked for
myself, and I know that there are also plans to discredit me and my
work to dilute the effect of the new book. If we can't kill him, then
we'll discredit him. The people involved have no idea how they being
used by unseen forces that they don't understand or comprehend.

..But no matter. They can throw at me whatever their
little minds desire, using whatever stooges they like, be it
electromagnetic.. attacks or simply abuse and ridicule. Who gives a shit?

I am going nowhere till the job is done. And it WILL be.

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